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What is Wave ?

It's an expert Artificial Intelligence trained to find untapped winning products

We have combined the best product research strategies, worldwide bestsellers, history of the most profitable products, real-time sales statistics, and more...


Find products just before they go viral

90% of success in ecommerce = the product.

Every day, hundreds of new products emerge and are ordered en masse... Yet nobody pays attention to them.

Instead of paying attention, ecom owners are fighting for the crumbs of already saturated products.

Wave analyzes every movement of the global market by the minute, and instantly detects products that are invisible, but have the potential to be very profitable.

No more fighting over crumbs, with Wave you can be sure to get there first to make big moves

10 moves

10 moves ahead thanks to artificial intelligence

To win big, you have to be fast... or early.

Wave calculates global sales trends for you 24 hours a day in every marketplace and identifies the winning products before anyone else.

Instead of copying your competitors, create the new wave by being sure to launch profitable, high-demand products.

Where your opponents spy on each other on social networks or traditional product search tools, you get the best of the best.

Let Wave do the work for you! All you have to do is launch proven winning products and collect the profits


Every corner of the globe is analyzed in real time

Wave's strength is that it is everywhere all the time.

The powerful artificial intelligence scans all global markets in real time and identifies trends.

Every hour, more than 20,000 products are analyzed and sorted to keep only the best of the best.

If you really want to win, you have to be ahead of all your competitors. And with Wave, you're always first.

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Only winning products

Find winning products with Wave right now

Stop wasting time on social medias, spy tools, marketplaces... let Wave do it for you

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